Within the framework of the Council of Europe member states adopt conventions or agreements. These documents are legally binding for the states that ratify them.

There is, for the moment, only one convention that refers directly to the teaching and learning of history: the European Cultural Convention of 1954.

Recommendations and Resolutions of the Council of Europe

Apart from the Conventions, Council of Europe structures can also issue recommendations or resolutions. These are not legally-binding documents but they nevertheless represent important standard setting documents.

Recommendations were made that concern the teaching of history by:

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Summits of Heads of State or Ministerial Conferences

In addition to this, declarations, resolutions or plans of actions with references to the work done in the field of history have been taken at the following events:

  • Summits of the Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe
  • Standing Conference of European Ministers of Education
  • Informal Conference of Ministers of Education of South—East Europe

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