The recommendation (83) 4 of the Committee of Ministers draws up principles for the guidance of those drawing up educational programmes for the promotion of an awareness of Europe in secondary schools, specifying aims, content and teaching methods, and also with concern for teacher training.

Although not singling out history teaching, it states that "modern languages, history, geography and social studies have a vital contribution to make to the promotion of an awareness of Europe in secondary schools".

It also mentions that "due attention should be paid to the contribution which can be made by science and technology, artistic activities, music and indeed of almost all subjects in the secondary school curriculum", thus pleading for transversal programmes.

  Recommendation (83) 4 of the Committee of Ministers

The European dimension of education will be further stressed in 1989 by the Parliamentary Assembly's Recommendation 1111 (1989) in which it recommends that "the Committee of Ministers further develop the European dimension of education in close concertation with the European Community and Unesco, where possible including Eastern Europe, and in particular … give much greater emphasis to ongoing work on the teaching of history and modern languages, as well as launching programmes on geography and civics".