20-21 November 2007. Council of Europe, Strasbourg

The launching conference of the new CDESR project on “The University between Humanism and Market: Redefining its Values and Functions for the 21st Century” will be held on 20-21 November 2007 in Strasbourg. Its title is “New Challenges to European Higher Education – Managing the Complexities of a Globalized Society”.

For two days high-level policy makers in higher education will gather to answer questions and address issues such as: 

  • What are the challenges to societal sustainability modern societies and individuals have to cope with? 
  • What is the contribution of higher education to societal sustainability and what should it look like? 
  • What kind of challenges does higher education face in modern societies? How does it cope with them? 
  • What kind of knowledge/values does it require to enable people to take action in modern societies, at individual level and at the level of societies? 
  • How should higher education institutions proceed in the transmission of these forms of knowledge?

The project will run until 2010, with each phase of the project centered around a major conference open to all States party to the Europe Cultural Convention as well as to other delegations and observers to the CDESR.

Main documents




  • Caryn McTighe Musil (powerpoint)
  • Albania reform 
  • Genc Pollo (powerpoint) 
  • Mario Calderini (powerpoint)

Discussion groups - reports 

  • Marie-Anne Persoons (powerpoint) 
  • Luka Juros

Report and conclusions by General Rapporteur

Synopses of written contributions