Launch of the free 'HELP in the 28' course "Labour Rights as Human Rights"

Launch of the free 'HELP in the 28' course

In times of economic recession, the creation of jobs as well as the protection of labour rights is of utmost importance.  A better understanding of the human rights’ dimension of labour rights by legal professionals is needed.


The ‘HELP in the 28’ course on “Labour Rights” covers in an interactive way the key concepts, the European system of protection of labour rights (stemming from the CoE and EU) and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as well as conclusions and decisions of the European Social Committee.

Throughout this course, legal professionals will gain practical understanding of when and how to apply the European system of protection of labour rights.

More specifically, the course has the following substantive modules:

  • Right to work and employment relationship
  • Working time
  • of employment
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Collective labour rights
  • Freedom of association – the right to negotiate
  • Occupational safety and health

The course has been developed thanks to the “HELP in the 28” Programme implemented by the Council of Europe. Funded by the EU, “HELP in the 28” is the largest training project within the EU on fundamental rights for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.


If you complete the course and, due to its length, scores over 40% in the multiple choice questions throughout it, you will be entitled to print a ‘statement of accomplishment’ from the HELP in the 28 Programme.

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