HELP course on Introduction to the ECHR and the ECtHR launched for 260 Ukrainian candidate prosecutors

Kyiv 15 May 2018
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

On 15 May 2018, the HELP course on Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court on Human Rights was launched for nearly 260 Ukrainian future prosecutors, as part of their initial training, in cooperation with the National Academy of Prosecutors of Ukraine (NAPU) and under the Council of Europe Project ‘Continued support to criminal justice reform in Ukraine’, funded by the Danish government. It is the first occasion for the Ukrainian candidate prosecutors to benefit from the HELP course during their official training.

At the launching event, following the general presentation of the HELP Programme, the participants benefitted from a practical presentation by the tutors on how to access and navigate through the course.

All participants to the course will be divided into four groups. Four HELP certified tutors, NAPU staff members, will provide a national adaptation of the course to the Ukrainian legal order and the specificities of the prosecutorial activities and will facilitate the implementation of the course for the trainees: Veronika Plotnikova (Head of the unit for implementation of the European Court of Human Rights case law into the prosecutorial activities), Georgii Popov, (Director of the Scientific Research Institute), Oleksandr Gladun (Head of the unit for science and methodology support for the participation of prosecutors in criminal proceedings) and Oleksandr Sapin (Deputy Head of the unit for preparation of prosecutors for supervision over compliance with the laws by the agencies conducting operative search, inquiry and pre-trial investigation).

The course will be implemented from 28 May until 1 November 2018. Following the completion of the course, the successful participants will be jointly certified by the Council of Europe and NAPU.

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