Strengthening metropolitan governance in Košice

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Košice, Bratislava, Turin, Strasbourg, online 12 October 2021
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Košice, Slovak Republic

Košice, Slovak Republic

With close to 250.000 inhabitants, Košice - the second largest city in Slovakia, is composed of 22 city districts. The high number of districts creates an unclear situation with regard to the competences between them and the City. It also contributes to perplexing administrative processes at the City and district levels. Through a series of discussions on these questions, the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance will assist the Slovak authorities to find best alternatives for overcoming these challenges and strengthening good governance in this metropolitan area. Under the guidance of Council of Europe experts, the first discussion will take place on 12 October 2021 and will gather the local and central authorities, national experts and other relevant stakeholders. Following the consultation process, a Policy advice on the metropolitan governance of the city of Košice will be drawn up by the Centre of Expertise, in line with Council of Europe standards.

The discussion will be organised in cooperation with Council of Europe’s implementing partner - a Slovak think tank, MESA 10, in the framework of the joint project of the Council of Europe and the European Union “Delivering Good Governance in Slovakia – II phase”.