Specific projects in Greece

New project: EU-CoE Joint Project “Delivering Good Governance in Greece”

The Project “Delivering Good Governance in Greece” is an 18-month-long project that started on 1 March 2019 and is co-funded by the European Commission (EC) and the Council of Europe.

The Centre of Expertise was identified as best partner to provide policy advice and capacity-building assistance to the Greek authorities to

(A) improve the allocation and execution of competences to provide emergency sheltering to victims of natural disasters; and

(B) enhance service delivery through inter-municipal cooperation (IMC).

Read the short project report to find out what we achieved together!

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Past activities:

News News
23 June 2021 Athens, Greece

Second ELoGE Awards Ceremony in Greece

23 October 2020 Greece

ELoGE in Greece

26-28 November 2019 Athens, Greece

Peer Review for Emergency Sheltering in Greece

5 to 8 November 2019 Athens and Larissa (Greece)

Two Workshops on Inter-Municipal Cooperation

15 March 2018 Athens, Greece

Conference on Public Ethics in Greece

17-18 October 2017 Thessaloniki, Greece

Seminar on governance of metropolitan areas

19 October 2017 Athens, Greece

Greece: PEB risk analysis

25-26 September 2017 Kithira, Greece

Conference on Insular Policy in Kithira, Greece

21-22 September and 3 October 2017 Athens, Greece

Greek Mayors at work, Eloge Workshops

20 September 2017 Athens, Greece

Workshop on Strategic Municipal Planning

24-25 October 2016 Thessaloniki - Athens, Greece

Greece: launch of the Best Practice Programme (BPP)