Specific projects in France

Main activities:

  • Cooperation with the National Institute for Territorial Studies (INET), the Institut d’études politiques in Strasbourg (IEP), the National School of Administration (ENA), the Service central de prévention de la corruption, the Association of city managers on good governance

Since 2008 and the signature of a formal co-operation agreement, the Centre has developed close ties with the French National Institute of Local Government Studies (INET), based in Strasbourg. The Institute trains the senior officials of French local authorities and is part of the French National Centre of Local Public Service.

Four training sessions on average are co-organised every year at the Council of Europe. INET students are thus introduced to the main reform trends in Europe, the Centre’s tools and to European approaches to performance management.

For the past 2 years, the Centre has been invited to present the Public Ethics Benchmark (PEB) and contribute to the training of international civil servants at the French National Service to Prevent Corruption.

The Centre will implement capacity-building activities in Serbia and in Ukraine in close co-operation with the French National School of Administration (ENA). To that aim a Memorandum of understanding was signed in December 2015.

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