The European Commission and the Council of Europe have signed a new joint cooperation agreement which is launched from this year, namely, the Council of Europe/European Union Eastern Partnership Programmatic Co-operation Framework (PCF). The Agreement covers the period 2015-2017 and the beneficiary countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The Project, worth at €33.8 million will fund joint programs in its EaP beneficiary countries focused to support the modernization efforts through serious legal reforms and to speed up their political association and economic integration in order to bring them closer to Council of Europe and European Union standards.

One of the specific parts of the Project is the strengthening of the institutional framework of local governance. Its main objective is to support the ongoing process of reform of local government in participating countries and the improvement of the financial and human resources management of local administrations on the basis of European standards and benchmarking processes, expertise and best practices. Reform in these fields should lead to offering public services adapted to the expectations of citizens, the improvement of investment climate and local economic growth.

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