The Centre of Expertise for Good Governance helps European countries deliver good governance by providing capacity-building activities and policy and legal advice to local, regional and national authorities. Throughout the Covid-19 emergency, the Centre of Expertise continues its mission, having shifted a wide range of its activities online.

Developing new tools Developing new tools

To better meet the specific needs of the beneficiaries, the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance constantly invests in research and expertise, developing innovative and practical tools. Here are some examples:

Resilience Building Strategies

In adopting urgent measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, public authorities have also faced challenges to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of public administration in respect of principles of good democratic governance. Based on examples of good practice shared by members of the CDDG, and inspired by recent trends in policy-making towards a more pro-active approach to building strategies that reduce risk, enhance resilience, and focus on recovery and functionality, the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance has prepared a new Toolkit.

The ReBuS - Resilience Building Strategies - toolkit has been developed as a resource to be used by public authorities when drafting strategies and implementing actions aimed at building community resilience. It contains awareness-raising, analytics; planning, and capacity-building elements which can help authorities measure the ability of an administration to persist and maintain performance; incorporate resilience in strategic planning; and develop capacities to build institutional resilience to emergencies and disasters.

Building leadership in times of crisis

Leadership is more than ever necessary in crisis situations. This is why the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance has included a new training and capacity-building module in its 2020 edition of the Leadership Academy Programme. The new module gives participants an insight on different aspects of a crisis (psychological, socio-economic), explains how to set up crisis management teams and provides guidance on how to develop a communication strategy.

Although specifically developed to help officials tackle the Covid-19 emergency, the module is of general relevance and application for any crisis or emergency situation, such as natural disasters, environmental accidents, terrorist threats and even conflicts. It is specifically conceived for the local level but it can be easily adapted to other levels of government. An additional module will cover the issue of leadership in times of crisis and emergencies in cross-border cooperation.

The training module can be accessed here.

Teleworking in Public Administration

The Centre of Expertise for Good Governance published its toolkit TPA - Toolkit on Teleworking in Public Administration. The toolkit is designed to facilitate decision making on the different aspects of teleworking within public administrations.

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