Ukraine: Developing metropolitan governance – survey launched in Kyiv sub-region

29 June 2020
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Ukraine: Developing metropolitan governance – survey launched in Kyiv sub-region

Residents of the so-called “Kyiv Agglomeration” – the Kyiv sub-region and Kyiv City – will be questioned over the summer months on attitudes towards metropolitan governance following a joint initiative between the Council of Europe and the “Kyiv agglomeration” local government association.

The Council of Europe has been supporting the development of metropolitan governance in Kyiv in line with European standards and best practice through its "Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine" programme. To pursue this aim, The Council of Europe worked with “Kyiv agglomeration” to prepare a questionnaire that will be shared with residents between July-September 2020.

The questionnaire was developed following consultations with a wide range of municipalities, members of the association and related experts and was approved by the Board of the "Kyiv Agglomeration" association on 25 June 2020.

The survey aims to: 

  • develop an understanding of questions of identity and attachment in the sub-region;
  • measure the intensity of economic, social, household and other ties between residents of neighbouring municipalities and Kyiv - capital City;
  • survey the perceived quality and availability of basic public services by municipality.
The results of questionnaire will help respond to the needs of local authorities by giving them an insight into the opinions of their citizens and by helping identify opportunities for inter-municipal cooperation in the Kyiv sub-region and Kyiv City. A comprehensive report on the findings of the survey will be published in September 2020.