Council of Europe Study on Information disorder translated into Serbian

Belgrade 18 April 2019
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Council of Europe Study on Information disorder translated into Serbian

The report INFORMATION DISORDER:Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policy making, prepared in 2017 by the Council of Europe provides a new framework for policy-makers, legislators, researchers, technologists and practitioners working on the theoretical and practical challenges related to mis-, dis- and mal-information — the three elements of information disorder. While the historical impact of rumours and fabricated content have been well documented, the complexity and scale of information pollution in our digitally-connected, increasingly polarised world presents an unprecedented challenge. There is an immediate need to work collaboratively on workable solutions and this report provides a framework for the different stakeholders involved in research, policy discussions, and technical innovations connected to this phenomenon of information disorder.

Text originated by, and used with the permission of, the Council of Europe and translated into Serbian language. This translation is published by arrangement with the Council of Europe, but under the sole responsibility of the translators.

Preprint design and printing of the Serbian version of the report were done in the framework of the joint European Union and Council of Europe programme „Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in South-East Europe (JUFREX)“. Opinions expressed do not necessary reflect official opinions of Council of Europe and European Union.