The Committee of Ministers adopts new decisions on the implementation of the European Court's judgments

headline 7 June 2019 Strasbourg

The latest decisions adopted on the implementation of judgments from the European Court of Human Rights have been published by the Committee of Ministers. During its "Human Rights" meeting of June, the Committee adopted 32 decisions concerning 16 member states. Final resolutions were adopted by...

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Communications to the Committee of Ministers: When and How?

16 May 2019 Strasbourg

The Execution Department launched a new webpage to enhance the engagement of national human rights institutions (NHRI) and nongovernmental organisations (NGO) in the execution process. The new webpage provides information on how and when to address communications to the Committee of Ministers....

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Conference on loyal cooperation within the system of the ECHR

10 May 2019 Liverpool

On 10 and 11 May 2019, the Department for the Execution of the European Court's judgments participated in a conference on “Loyal Cooperation within the System of the European Convention on Human Rights” organised by the University of Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice. The conference...

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Ankara consultations on the execution of the European Court’s judgments

9 May 2019 Ankara

On 2 and 3 May, a delegation of the Department for Execution of the European Court’s judgments was in Ankara to discuss issues concerning cases against Turkey under the Committee of Ministers’ supervision, including freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and effective investigations into...

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Two State Advocate staff seconded to the Department for the Execution

9 May 2019 Strasbourg

Harmonisation of court legislation and practice with the standards imposed by the European Court of Human Rights (the Court) is a fundamental precondition for ensuring legal certainty and the overall protection of human rights in the member states. In this context, the EU-Council of Europe Action...

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The European Court of Human Rights opens its doors to the public

5 May 2019 Strasbourg

For the first time in ten years, the European Court of Human Rights is holding an open day to mark its 60th anniversary. This iconic building with modern architecture monitors respect for the rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals within the jurisdiction of the 47 member states of the...

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Mission to Sarajevo focused on discrimination in elections

2 May 2019 Sarajevo

A mission to Sarajevo was carried out by the Execution Department from 23 to 26 April, focusing mainly on discrimination in elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina and aiming at preparing the Committee of Ministers’ examination of this issue at its June Human Rights’ meeting. The Committee has...

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Slovenia celebrated 60th anniversary of the Court

23 April 2019 Ljubljana

On 16 April a representative of the Execution Department took part in the conference organised by the Slovenian Ministry of Justice and the Faculty of Law of Ljubljana to mark the 60th anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights. The conference highlighted the importance of the ECHR for...

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Implementing the ECHR judgments: 10-year reform process brings clear results

4 April 2019 Strasbourg

Reforms to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the European Convention on Human Rights have clearly improved the implementation of judgments from the European Court in Strasbourg, according to the latest 2018 Annual Report from the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. The report states...

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Why and how to execute the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

4 April 2019 Paris

The Execution Department participated in a symposium on 29 March aiming to highlight the conditions of execution of the judgments of the Strasbourg Court and the role played by many civil society actors and the place of national parliamentarians in monitoring the implementation of the Court's...

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