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Greece – ongoing efforts to eradicate police ill-treatment and enhance investigations

Makaratzis v. Greece
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During the Human Rights meeting on 14-16 September, the Committee of Ministers adopted a decision welcoming the Greek Prime Minister’s public expression of apology to all victims of ill-treatment by law enforcement officers and the state’s strong commitment to setting the stage for a change of culture among law enforcement officers. It also welcomed a number of legislative and other measures aiming to enhance the effectiveness of criminal and disciplinary investigations.

The Committee noted at the same time with serious concern the lodging of new similar applications with the Court and the persistence of ill-treatment by police agents evidenced notably by CPT in its 2020 reports. The authorities were thus invited to take due account of the CPT’s recommendations notably those concerning regular professional training and safeguards preventing ill-treatment. They were also requested to provide the Committee by September 2022 with updated statistical and qualitative information about criminal and disciplinary investigations and their outcomes, showing the impact of the measures taken to date.


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