Membership to the Council of Europe
X Month XXXX
Ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights
X Month XXXX
First case for supervision of execution
Case name (1234/56)
Judgment final on  x Month XXXX
Total number of cases transmitted for supervision since ratification of the Convention
Total number of cases closed by final resolution

In the Country Factsheet here below are presented the main issues currently under supervision, followed by a presentation of the main reforms implemented in cases closed by the Committee of Ministers and certain statistical data.

  Georgia Country factsheet, 30 March 2015

More information can be found notably in the Annual reports of the Committee of Ministers.


Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2015

2017 saw a confirmation of the positive results observed over the last years in pursuing the reforms undertaken in the context of the “Interlaken process”. The progress achieved demonstrates an enhanced dialogue between all stakeholders and the commitment of member States to abide by the Court’s judgments.

The current efforts still have to be supplemented by further measures to improve the system’s capacity to overcome situations of resistance and to provide speedier and more effective support to States in complex execution processes. The stocktaking of the results of the “Interlaken process” is due end 2019.

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