young man in the council of europe hemicycle attending the world forum for democracy 2014

World Forum for Democracy 2014

Our mission

Supporting young people in getting closer to their objectives and their vision of a better future.

We don’t support

Here are a few example of initiatives that will not receive support from the EYF:

  • scholarships of any kind (school, university, research, programmes or exchanges, vocational training);
  • commercial operations;
  • construction, purchase or equipment of buildings;
  • sports activities;
  • tourism;
  • participation in international exchanges;
  • projects in agriculture and water sanitation;
  • additional funding to cover costs for disadvantaged participants to take part in projects and/or activities funded by other donors;
  • micro-credit;
  • financial support for collecting and sending pedagogical material and/or food and/or clothes and/or books anywhere in the world.

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Transparency and accountability are essential to our way of working and are expected also from beneficiaries. This means clear and transparent financial reporting with proof of expenditure has to be provided.

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