Visual identity for light background

Visual identity for dark background


  • We highly recommend you use the original EYF visual identity in colour.
  • CoE logo should always be on right to EYF visual identity.
  • You should keep the ratio of the image and if the size is adapted, keep in mind that the text should still be legible (for both EYF & COE).
  • In relation to other logos or page layout: if you plan to use the logo in the footer/at the bottom of page,  we prefer to be given acknowledgement by being presented on the bottom right hand side; if on top/header, rather be on the top left hand side.  
  • You can use the other colours of the logo and visual identity, if these are more appropriate for your background, purpose etc.

Grant beneficiaries must

  • use the Council of Europe logo and the visual identity of the EYF on any publication, material, website
  • mention the support of the EYF
  • print the EYF posters during their activities
Download the EYF visual identity
Download CoE LOGO

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