Here you will find various videos made by the EYF, either to inform and educate about the grant types or show the activities that the EYF has organised and taken part in at the European Youth Centre. Interviews with Programming Committee members and EYF staff can also be seen.

 Interview with Matthew Johnson n° 1: The EYF, "from a donor to a partner"


 Interview with Matthew Johnson n°2: The Council of Europe and Youth


EYF (Re)wind: Mannequin Challenge

EYF (Re)wind seminar in March 2017

One word to describe the EYF...

Message from EYF staff

Co-management system

What is a pilot activity?

EYF (Re)Mix seminar 2016

 EYF (R)Evolution seminar 2014

 Interview with Matthew Johnson n° 5: A vision for the future


 Interview with Matthew Johnson n° 4: Challenges of youth work


 Interview with Matthew Johnson n° 3: The new Council of Europe Youth Strategy


The EYF in one word 2017

What is unique about the EYF?

Interview with PC members 2015

What is a work plan?

The life of a grant application

EYF (Re)Generation seminar 2015

 EYF (Re)Loaded seminar 2013

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Ongoing EYF
Supported Projects

Grant beneficiaries must

  • use the Council of Europe logo and the visual identity of the EYF on any publication, material, website
  • mention the support of the EYF
  • print the EYF posters during their activities
Download the EYF visual identity
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