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The Creanimators - Don Bosco Youth-Net

Game application developped by 26 participants from 10 different countries around Europe who came to Bollington (UK) for a 6-day European traning course for international animators ran by the youth NGO Don Bosco Youth-Net. The training course aimed at training animators to apply for Human Rights Education in their normal practice of animation during their summer activities.

This application can be used by youth workers who can register their search using criteria such as age, location, game type ...

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ToolBox WebApp - Obessu

With the EYF-support, the youth NGO OBESSU developed a toolbox, gathering several different pedagogical activities aimed at supporting school student activists and school student organisations in their educational initiatives. The OBESSU ToolBox includes activities focused on Active Participation, Education for Democratic Citizenship, Social Inclusion, Advocacy and on much more.

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