EYF (Re)wind seminar : videos available

Strasbourg 27 March 2017
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EYF (Re)wind seminar : videos available

To increase its visibility, the EYF produced a series of videos during its (Re)wind seminar, which took place from 1-4 March 2017 at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg.

  • In the video “EYF (Re)wind seminar in March 2017”, interviews focusing on the aim of this seminar were carried out notably with the Head of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, the Head of the European Youth Foundation and the administrator in charge of projects. Interviews with the two co-ordinators gave more insight about the content and methodology of their training approach, based on non-formal education. The video also contains the views of members of the Programming Committee on Youth and participants in the seminar.
  • In the video “EYF in one word”, participants define the European Youth Foundation in one word.
  • A “Mannequin Challenge” involved the participants, the EYF team and the two co-ordinators.

The links to this audiovisual material can be found under our Resources page: EYF Resources/Video Gallery.

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