Report on Romania published

Strasbourg, France 4/04/2018
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Report on Romania published

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has published its Recommendation to Romania on the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, as well as the experts’ report evaluating the country's compliance with its commitments under the treaty.

In their report, the minority languages experts point out that the Romanian authorities submitted their second periodical report more than five years after the committee’s first report, published in 2012. They regret that the delay and the lack of up-to-date information have hampered the assessment of the current situation of minority languages in Romania.

The experts’ report underlines that the Romanian Constitution and specific laws provide a general framework for the protection against discrimination of persons belonging to national minorities.

Romania has a long tradition of promoting minority languages. Examples of good practices include teaching in several minority languages, the developed offer of private radio and television broadcasts in Hungarian, education opportunities for Romani speakers at secondary and university levels, and the involvement of the national minorities in the political decision-making process.

The report acknowledges that in general the Romanian educational system guarantees a high level of support for many minority languages. Romania adopted a law on education in 2011 establishing a minimum number of pupils for minority language education at different levels. However, the Committee of Experts regrets that it has not received any information regarding the practical application of this law to be able to evaluate its implementation.

The report welcomes that for most minority languages a comprehensive offer of cultural activities exists. On the other hand, it calls for a number of improvements in the use of minority languages in courts and in economic life.

The Charter entered into force in Romania in May 2008.