New EUR-OPA publication on Cultural Heritage facing Climate change

New EUR-OPA publication on Cultural Heritage facing Climate change

Have European states developed a “climate strategy” for their cultural heritage? Do national climate change adaptation policies deal with risks to cultural heritage? What experiences have there been since Council of Europe recommendations on this matter in 2009, and what are the shortcomings? The new EUR-OPA publication entitled “Cultural heritage facing climate change: experiences and ideas for resilience and adaptation” was produced in cooperation with the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, with the support of ICOMOS-Italy. It includes contributions from scientific and governmental experts to address these questions, among others, but also a political recommendation as well as guidelines for governments, other institutional actors, NGOs and experts on on how to better integrate climate change considerations and prevision in the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage. The publication follows the International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Climate Change, held in Ravello, Italy, on 18 and 19 May 2017.

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