New Publication - The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants

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New Publication - The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants

This new publication provides a comprehensive report on a symposium organized by the Council of Europe in 2016 in the context of its human rights agenda. The purpose of the symposium was to explore some of the ways in which scientific evidence can inform the development and implementation of policy and practice designed to support the linguistic integration of adult migrants.

For some years the Council of Europe has offered its member states not only clear and agreed principles and guidelines but also targeted practical support to help them respond to the challenges of linguistic integration.

Five issues emerge from this publication taken as a whole. First it is clear that there is a substantial amount of empirical research and reflected pedagogical experience from which political decision-making could profit. At the same time, however, much more research is needed, especially on the impact that integration policies have on the people they are designed to help and on the effects and side effects of certain measures.

Secondly, in the course of the symposium the role played by adult migrants’ linguistic repertoires and language biographies was often stressed.

Thirdly, the many contributions that focus on language in the workplace undermine the naïve assumption that if adult migrants first take a language course, linguistic integration will follow more or less automatically.

Fourthly, the contributions in this publication remind us that there is no such thing as a typical migrant.
Finally, many contributors emphasized, directly or indirectly, the crucial role played by associations and volunteers who organize activities for adult migrants, especially refugees.

The book is published with open access here

Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM) Website

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