We can all do something to banish bullying

Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem that damages the general school climate and infringes pupils’ right to learn in a safe, unthreatening environment. The solutions require effort, but are neither costly nor legally complex.

Whole-school human rights and citizenship education programmes bring everyone together to combat bullying, giving pupils as well as teachers, parents and school staff an important role to play.

Watch Beat Bullying

The Council of Europe's film Beat Bullying shows how whole-school human rights and citizenship education programmes equip students and pupils with the understanding, skills and confidence they need to help stop bullying and violence at school, including cyberbullying.

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Young actors and parliamentarians discuss solutions to bullying

The Beat Bullying actors, aged 10 to 16, discussed the causes and solutions to bullying with teachers, parliamentarians and representatives of parents associations at the  film’s launch. 

The launch took place at a side event during the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly session on Thursday 30 January 2014. 

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