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This section documents initiatives, policies and strategies both at domestic and also international levels.

The inventory offers the possibility to search by the type of cyberviolence, measures to address it, as well as the geographical scope.

Back European Commission: The EU Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online

To prevent and counter the spread of illegal hate speech online, in May 2016, the Commission agreed with Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube a “Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online”.

In the course of 2018, Instagram, Snapchat and Dailymotion took part to the Code of Conduct, in January 2019, TikTok in 2020 and LinkedIn in 2021.

In May and June 2022, respectively, Rakuten Viber and Twitch announced their participation to the Code of Conduct.

The implementation of the Code of Conduct is evaluated through a regular monitoring exercise set up in collaboration with a network of organisations located in the different EU countries. Using a commonly agreed methodology, these organisations test how the IT companies are implementing the commitments in the Code.

More information about the EU Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online.

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