CyberSouth: National Workshop on cybercrime procedural law in Tunisia

online activity 19 October 2020
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CyberSouth: National Workshop on cybercrime procedural law in Tunisia

Under the framework of the CyberSouth Project, on the 19th of October 2020, an online workshop on condition and safeguards as well as procedural law provisions was held for the benefit of Tunisian stakeholders responsible for drafting and enforcing the legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence.

The aim of this national workshop was to assess whether the existing and draft legislation from Tunisia follow the international human rights approach and rule of law standards. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice – magistrates and prosecutors dealing with cybercrime, and Ministry and Interior took part and contributed to the discussions.

This activity helped the Tunisian stakeholders to widen their understanding on the international standards on cybercrime procedural law and safeguards and to introduce their legislative tools and procedures for conducting cybercrime investigations and collection of e-evidence. Lastly, the participants received recommendations for the harmonisation of the national legislation with the international standards.

The CyberSouth project will continue to support the reinforcement of the cybercrime legislation in the priority countries and further workshops will be organized in the upcoming period.

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