CyberSouth: National Workshop on cybercrime procedural law in Morocco

online activity 27 October 2020
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CyberSouth: National Workshop on cybercrime procedural law in Morocco

Following the previous support to the reinforcement of Morocco legislation on cybercrime, a national workshop was organized on the 27th of October 2020, aiming to gather the Moroccan stakeholders responsible for drafting and enforcing the legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence.


Among the five priority countries in CyberSouth, Morocco is the only full Party to the Budapest Convention since 29 June 2018. Morocco has been benefiting from the cybercrime capacity building support under the project Global Action on Cybercrime (GLACY) and its extension (GLACY +). being given as a positive example on the development of its criminal justice capacities to fight against cybercrime.


This online workshop was an opportunity to introduce the procedural powers from the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and to assess whether such legal tools are included in the existing and draft legislation of Morocco. The CyberSouth expert explained the benefits of having these legal instruments in place and emphasised important recommendations customised for Morocco.


This activity contributed to widening the understanding of the Moroccan authorities on the international standards on cybercrime procedural law and safeguards. Representatives from the General Directorate for National Security, General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, Public Prosecutors’ Office, Ministry of Justice, judges and prosecutors have actively engaged in the discussions and informed about the current legal updates. The Moroccan counterparts acknowledged the relevance of the procedural powers provisions and stated that the recommendations provided by the Council of Europe will be considered in the drafting process.


The CyberSouth project will continue the dialogue with Morocco and will provide additional support in reinforcing the capacities of the criminal justice authorities to fight against cybercrime.

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