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European Heritage Days (EHD)

Visual ID for the European Heritage DaysThe EHD are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural events in Europe

The European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission since 1999, are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural events shared by the inhabitants and visitors of Europe. The pan-European nature of this project contributes to bringing citizens together and highlighting the European dimension of cultural heritage in the signatory States of the European Cultural Convention. Over 70 000 events are organised every year in order to help raise awareness of the value of this common heritage and the need for its conservation for present and future generations.

2024 Shared annual theme - "Routes, Networks and Connections"


In 2023, #EuropeanHeritageDays will be dedicated to "Routes, Networks and Connections". National Coordinators have chosen the theme of Routes, Networks and Connections for European Heritage Days 2024.

Event organisers are welcome to adapt this theme in ways that would best suit their language and culture. At the heart of this theme is the notion that our heritage, in both its tangible and intangible forms, has much to tell us about how peoples, communities, countries and cultures have long been connected, and how they continue to be, through common values, shared practices and a desire to protect and share the stories and places that make up our individual and collective histories.

The brochure to accompany the theme has now been published, and our latest guide will give you ideas for celebrating our interconnected past and present. Read more on the European Heritage Days dedicated website. 



Different names under one umbrella

European Heritage Days are being celebrated in 48 European countries, and can sometimes bear a different name. In different countries we are also recognised as: “Tag des Denkmals” (Austria), “Journées du Patrimoine”, “Open Monumententdag” (Belgium and Netherlands), “Muinsuskaitsepäevade” (Estonia), “Tag des offenen Denkmals” (Germany), “Kulturális Örökség Napjai” (Hungary), “National Heritage Week” (Ireland), “Kulturminnedagene” (Norway), “Kulturarvsdagen” (Sweden), “Heritage Open Days”, “Open House London”, “Doors Open Days” and “Drysau Agored” (United Kingdom).

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Back European Heritage Days 2021 Theme - Heritage: All Inclusive

Celebrating the inclusiveness and diversity of cultural heritage in 50 European countries
European Heritage Days 2021 Theme - Heritage: All Inclusive

European Heritage Days has always had inclusivity at its core, with events and activities held across 50 countries celebrating not only our shared heritage but appreciating our diversity too. We’ve long held that exploring the rich mosaic of cultures in Europe promotes trust and understanding, encourages greater tolerance and promotes thinking beyond national borders. The past 35 years of European Heritage Days events have shown that when we all take part in our shared cultural heritage, we all benefit. This year we’re continuing and reinforcing this with the shared theme for 2021, Heritage: All Inclusive. 

We invite you to read more about the celebration at the European Heritage Days website

02 February 2021
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