The overall project objective was to enhance reforms in the area of execution of criminal sanctions in Ukraine, in line with CPT and other Council of Europe standards and recommendations. It focused on two main areas, on probation and use of alternative sanctions and on prison management. The first component aimed at improving the capacities of the Ukrainian authorities in line with the Council of Europe Probation Rules and promoting effective and properly focused use of community sanctions and measures. The second component aimed at developing the professional skills and management capacities of the middle and senior ranking prison staff.

The project used a combination of approaches, such as policy advice and awareness raising; training, including management training and the necessary tools and curricula for effective training; research and piloting of probation methods as well as peer-to-peer contacts with other European jurisdictions.

Main implementing partners were the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Besides a Stakeholders’ Platform is regularly convoked for discussing penitentiary reform issues.

The Project lasted 31 months, finished on 30 September 2013. The overall budget was 1,000,000 EUR funded by the voluntary contribution of Sweden, thought the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.