The Council of Europe will assist Bulgarian authorities in the process of the prison reform and in overcoming the identified shortcomings related to conditions in prisons and treatment of sentences persons.

The project will be implemented in close cooperation with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice and its General Directorate for Execution of Sentences and the National Institute of Justice.The project is funded by the Human Rights Trust Fund (HRTF) and will be implemented by the Council of Europe. The technical assistance and expertise will be provided in the areas of implementation of effective compensatory and preventive remedies to challenge the conditions of detention, prison overcrowding, ill-treatment, prisoner inter-violence, corruption in prison, rehabilitation of prisoners (in particular vulnerable groups) and prison health care.  

The inital duration of the project was 12 months and has been extended until 26 February 2018, with an overall budget of EUR 400,000.

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Final conference of the Prison Reform project in Bulgaria

26 January Sofia, Bulgaria

The project “Support for the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights judgments and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment standards and recommendations in Bulgaria (Prison Reform)” ended in January 2018 after 15 months of...

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Presentation of a strategy for provision of healthcare in prison

14 September 2017 Sofia, Bulgaria

The Prison reform project [i] has reached an important millstone in its implementation in respect of the prison health care reform. A strategy for provision of prison healthcare in Bulgaria was presented on 13 September to the Minister of Justice, Ms Tsetska Tsacheva, as the main stakeholder in...

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Two training sessions for prison managers on combating ill-treatment, inter-prisoner violence and corruption in Bulgarian prisons

11-14 July 2017 Aheloy

Two training sessions for prison governors and deputy governors on preventing and combating ill-treatment, inter-prisoner violence and corruption in prisons, were organized in Aheloy, Bulgaria on 11 – 14 July 2017, based on operational guidelines and protocols developed by international and...

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