The follow-up project built on the results of the EU/CoE Joint Programme on “Human right and healthcare in prisons and other closed institutions” that finished in February 2016. It assisted the Georgian authorities in expanding and consolidating the results achieved in the areas of provision of healthcare services (including mental health) in prisons and in police detention facilities in previous years as well as helped in addressing remaining challenges in the protection of human rights of people deprived of their liberty in prisons, police and other closed institutions. Under remaining challenges, the project attached particular importance to promote improved treatment of prisoners with mental health problems and people in psychiatric care as well as enhanced preventive measures against ill-treatment and strengthened oversight of places of detention, including psychiatric care.

Wide range of activities were envisaged, among others: provision of expertise, technical assistance in developing the regulatory and policy framework and design of management and monitoring tools, assessment visits and country-specific studies, development of training programmes, materials and publications and organisation of various learning and awareness raising events (training sessions, conferences, workshops, etc.) as well as peer-to-peer exchanges.

The project was implemented in close cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Corrections, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, the Public Defender’s Office and the Ministry of Justice. It also included a wider group of stakeholders who contributed to the overall improvement of human rights situation and healthcare of people detained in Georgia, such as independent experts, human rights defenders and other civil society organisations, academia and international organisations.

It has been running until 31 August 2017. Its overall budget was 745,000 EUR funded by the European Union, co-funded by the Council of Europe, under the auspices of the EU/CoE Programmatic Co-operation Framework in the Eastern Partnership countries.

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Support of a Mental health care Strategy in Penitentiary Establishments

27 September Tbilisi

As part of the support of the Council of Europe to the Georgian Penitentiary system in the area of mental healthcare services for detainees, a first draft of a mental health strategy for penitentiary establishments has been developed with a view to improving the prevention, early detection,...

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Press release: First Training Programme for Psychiatric Nurses in Georgia

July 2017 Tbilisi

The European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) are assisting the Ministry of Corrections of Georgia (MoC) in the training of psychiatric nurses on main principles of mental health nursing. Between June and July 2017, 15 psychiatric nurses were trained based on a program developed by CoE...

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Press release: Prisons Free of Suicide Cases

15 July 2017 Tbilisi

The Council of Europe and the European Union continue to support the further enhancement of skills of Georgian prison psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers in administering Suicide Prevention Programmed (SPP) in prisons. As a part of the support, on-site supervision of multidisciplinary...

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