Prison Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the key element in the criminal justice system

03/06/2016 Sarajevo

The final conference of two complementary projects on the prison reform was held on 3 June 2016 in Sarajevo. The Council of Europe implemented both projects in parallel over the past four years: the Joint EU/CoE Programme “Harmonisation of BiH sanctions policies and practices with European...

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Piloting 'Building on Competences for Prison Managers’ development programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina


On 14-18 September 2015, the Council of Europe piloted a personal development programme 'Building on Competences for Prison Managers’ with the participation of governors from six selected prisons (Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Foča, Mostar, Tuzla and Zenica) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 5-day course...

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Working Group 3 meeting on prison staff training manual in Zenica

4-5/03/2014 Zenica

The Working Group tasked with drafting the manual is in the final stage of developing the prison staff training manual with operational procedures on additional competencies for daily work in prisons. The last comments from the international expert will be shared during the next meeting scheduled...

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Working Group 4 meeting on treatment programmes for juveniles in Sarajevo

25-26/02/2014 Sarajevo

The Working Group tasked with drafting treatment programmes for vulnerable categories of prisoners is in the final stage of drafting the framework treatment programme for imprisoned juveniles, which closely follows the structure of the CM Rec (2008)11 on the European rules for juvenile offenders...

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Working Group 1 meeting on community sanctions in Banja Luka

11-12/02/2014 Banja Luka

The Working Group tasked with improving implementation of community sanctions and measures continued working on analysing local legislative framework regulating community sanctions, release on parole, suspended sentence with protective supervision, electronic monitoring, exercise of privileges...

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Study visit for members of the WG I tasked with developing staffing strategy for the State prison of BiH was organised on 12-13 November to the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

23/11/2013 Slovenia

The visit was organised within the framework of the US/CoE project Enhancing recruitment procedures and training of staff for the State prison of BH. The members of the study visit group, comprising of the representatives of the State and Entities Ministry of Justice, visited Ljubljana, Ig and...

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