Consultancy services in the areas of probation and penitentiary, including the provision of health care services for inmates (Moldova)

Call for tenders (2018/AO/49), deadline 31 August 2018

The Council of Europe is currently implementing a Project on “Promoting a human rights compliant criminal justice system in the Republic of Moldova” and is looking for a maximum of 60 Provider(s) for the provision of intellectual services/expert services to be requested by the Council on an as...

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Suicide prevention session for 70 multidisciplinary staff in Albania

16-19 July 2018 Lezhe and Korce

With the aim to improve prison staff’s knowledge and practices on mental health care, a four-day training session on suicide prevention took place on 16-19 July in Lezhë and Korçë, Albania. The training was based on Council of Europe (CoE) and European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and...

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Closing Conference – Enhancing the protection of human rights of prisoners in Kosovo*

11 July Pristina

The results of the Action “Enhancing the protection of human rights of prisoners in Kosovo*” were presented in a closing conference that took place in Pristina on 11 July, 2018. The Council of Europe Programme Manager/Criminal Law Cooperation Unit (CLCU) opened the conference, followed by welcome...

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1st Working group meeting on radicalisation in the national penitentiary system

28-29 June Skopje

In view of addressing radicalisation in prisons in the country, and in light of the findings from the assessment mission carried out earlier in 2018, a working group (WG) composed of ten representatives from the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions (DES) at the Ministry of Justice and prison...

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Training of police officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues while prisons welcome information technologies

18 June Sarajevo

Training of police officers to deal with persons deprived of liberty while observing their human rights received a new boost at the Steering Committee meeting of the joint EU/Council of Europe Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, prisons are expected to host expert assessment visit...

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Newly established team of trainers among the Montenegrin prison staff conducts its first cascade training on prevention and combat of ill treatment

13 -15 June Podgorica

A team of prison employees who completed the train the trainers programme under the auspices of the Action “Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons in Montenegro”, shared their knowledge with their peers during the first 3-day cascade training session carried out...

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National Mental Health Policy dialogue

8-9 June Belgrade

A two-day intense dialogue “Towards a New Mental Health Policy and Human Rights based treatment” took place in Belgrade, on 08-09 June 2018. More than fifty psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, patients and their family members, gathered to discuss intricacies of mental health...

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Representatives from the national penitentiary system in Skopje benefited from a study visit to the Prison Service of Northern Ireland

5-7 June 2018 Northern Ireland

A 3-day study visit to the Prison Service of Northern Ireland was organized from 05 to 07 June 2018 for a group of 7 senior prison officials from the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions within the Ministry of Justice, including the Director, as well as prison governors and deputy governors...

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Dealing with radicalisation and terrorists acting alone

12-13 June Strasbourg

On 12 and 13 June, the high ranking representatives of 33 CoE Member States, and some Observer States and a number of eminent experts discussed how to improve cooperation and exchange of information, how consolidate the legal arsenal, prevent, detect and fight against radicalisation, including on...

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Fighting ill-treatment through implementation of Istanbul protocol continues for Montenegrin prison staff

24-25 May Budva

The knowledge and skills of prison staff on the fight against ill-treatment in prisons were further increased through a training on the identification and proper documentation of ill-treatment in line with the principles of Istanbul protocol, the key international guideline for the effective...

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