The Council of Europe will assist the national authorities in overcoming the identified shortcomings and practical deficiencies related to the treatment of sentenced persons in the beneficiary country. This project will be implemented in close cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Justice (Directorate for Execution of Sanctions) and a wider group of national partners and stakeholders, including the Ombudsman / National Preventive Mechanism, the Standing Inquiry Committee for Protection of Civil Rights and Freedoms , the Public Prosecutor’ s Office, judiciary and civil society organisations active in the penitentiary field and combatting ill-treatment and impunity.

The Project is co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe as part of the “Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey” (Horizontal Facility) and implemented by the Council of Europe. The main aim is to introduce effective prison management, further enhance the internal prison inspection system, improve the treatment of sentenced persons and introduce effective mechanisms for dealing with cases of ill-treatment and corruption in prisons.

Its duration is set at 36 months and it is expected to be completed by 23 May 2019, with an overall budget of EUR 950,000.

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Round Table for presentation of the report from the Assessment mission on the provision of healthcare in the prisons in North Macedonia

16 April 2019 Skopje

The Assessment report on the provision of healthcare in the prisons in North Macedonia was presented and discussed at a multilateral round table that took place on 16 April 2019 in Skopje. It gathered representatives of the Directorate for the Execution of Sanctions (DES) at the Ministry of...

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Training for prison governors and high-level prison management on radicalisation in prisons in North Macedonia

18-20 February 2019 Gevgelija

Prison governors and high-level prison management increased their awareness and knowledge on addressing radicalisation in prisons through a 3-day training, which took place in Gevgelija on 18-20 February 2019. The training provided a forum for reviewing the phenomenon of radicalisation in prisons...

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Piloting of the screening and risk and needs assessment (RNA) tools for radicalized prisoners

22-25 January The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Prison staff working in the area of rehabilitation benefited from the ‘on-the-job’ coaching during the piloting of the application of the newly developed screening and RNA tools for radicalised inmates. The tools were piloted in the two biggest penitentiary institutions in the country, namely in...

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