Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee publishes report on Sweden

The Council of Europe's Committee for the prevention of torture (CPT) has published today the report on its third periodic visit to Sweden in January/February 2003, together with the response of the Swedish Government. These documents have been made public with the agreement of the Swedish authorities.
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During the visit, the CPT’s delegation received no allegations of ill-treatment by the police from the detained persons it interviewed. However, the report raises questions as regards the effectiveness of the investigation into complaints lodged against the police and involving allegations of assault by police officers. In their response, the Swedish authorities refer to a number of proposals designed to strengthen the existing complaints mechanism.

Despite legislative changes in recent years, the CPT’s report finds that the imposition of restrictions on remand prisoners’ contact with the outside world and other prisoners continues to raise a number of issues in practice. The Swedish authorities’ response indicates that prosecutors in Gothenburg have been made aware of the Committee’s concerns and instructed to comply with the relevant provisions when imposing such restrictions.

The report also draws attention to allegations received at the Bärby Home for Young Persons concerning the excessive use of force to control violent or recalcitrant residents. In their response, the authorities highlight that additional guidelines on the use of physical force have been drawn up and distributed to all institutions for young persons.

The CPT visit reports and the response of the Swedish authorities are available on the Committee's website: