Ensuring Sustainable Democratic Governance and Human Rights in the Southern Mediterranean

The Council of Europe has implemented the first two phases of the South Programme in order to achieve the objectives of the Neighbourhood Co-operation Priorities (2012-2014) and the Neighbourhood Partnership (2015-2017) with Morocco.

As part of the South Programme III, the SNAC 3 Project will support Moroccan authorities through strategic policy advice and capacity building activities. In this respect, the Project will undertake sectorial risk assessments in environmental, sports and banking sectors. Training activities will be carried out on anti-corruption compliance in the private sector and upon the interest shown by the beneficiaries; they will be expanded to cover compliance issues in the banking sector.

SNAC 3 Project components SNAC 3 Project components
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SNAC 3 Project raises awareness of CoE anti-corruption standards in Morocco

24-25 September 2019 Rabat, Morocco

On 24-25 September 2019, the South Neighbourhood Anti-Corruption Project (SNAC 3) organised two consecutive actions aimed at raising the awareness of Moroccan authorities on Council of Europe anti-corruption standards and monitoring mechanisms with a view towards Morocco’s possible accession to...

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Training on economic and financial crime for Moroccan judges and prosecutors

9-10 April 2019 Rabat, Morocco

Within the framework of the SNAC 3 Project, the Council of Europe held a training in the premises of Ministère Public with the aim of enhancing the capacities of judicial and law enforcement authorities specialised in the fight against corruption and economic crime. The training aimed at...

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SNAC 3 Project provides support to enhance anti-corruption compliance in the Moroccan banking sector

26-28 November 2018 Rabat, Morocco

On 26-28 November 2018, South Neighbourhood Anti-Corruption Project (SNAC 3) organised two consecutive training sessions on anti-corruption compliance for the Moroccan banking sector. The first session, lasting two days, aimed at providing Moroccan private and public sector banks with necessary...

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