Trainee Judges in Azerbaijan learn about Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing adjudication

Baku, Azerbaijan 26-27 October 2021
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Trainee Judges in Azerbaijan learn about Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing adjudication

In support to the ongoing training programme for judge candidates of the Academy of Justice of Azerbaijan, the Council of Europe organised a two-day course for 41 trainee judges to give them important insights on money laundering and other financial crime concepts, as well as good practices and challenges in the adjudication of related cases.

The potential future judges were introduced to key elements of judicial case management, mainly focusing on money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) and asset recovery, as well as financial investigations, evidence building, judicial control over pre-trial investigation in ML/TF cases, international cooperation, and other aspects. Fictitious scenarios developed for the training helped them better understand the important particulars of judicial proceedings related to financial crime, the process of assessment of direct and indirect evidence, main principles of reasoning in ML/TF cases, including the statement of the legal provisions applied and the requirements for proper decisions on confiscation orders. Thanks to the interventions from practicing judges from Belgium and the United Kingdom, the training course was also enriched with examples from real-life cases which allowed to illustrate diverse thought patterns and approaches from different angles towards the adjudication of ML/TF cases.

This initiative aimed to complement the government’s efforts to prevent and combat money laundering and other economic crimes and contribute to the recent judicial reforms in Azerbaijan on the enhancement of transparency in the activity of courts and the efficiency of legal proceedings. The direct collaboration with the national Academy of Justice in this endeavour also aims to achieve its sustainability. Additionally, a more advanced training course on the adjudication of money laundering and terrorism financing as well as asset recovery is being organised for experienced judges currently active in this field.

This training event was organised within the framework of the project “Strengthening anti-money laundering and asset recovery in Azerbaijan”, funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe in their Partnership for Good Governance II.