Agora, G02, Strasbourg

21-22 November 2017



Tuesday, 21 November 2017


1. Opening of the meeting, 9.30 am

C198-COP(2016)REP8 Report of the 8th meeting and list of decisions
  Bureau of the COP: list of decisions and proposals
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Statement by Mr Jan Kleijssen, Director of Information Society and Action against Crime, Directorate General of Human Rights and Rules of Law

4. Communication by the Chair and the Executive Secretary


5. The state of signatures and/or ratifications of the Council of Europe Convention on laundering, search, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds from crime and on the financing of terrorism

Information by delegations


6. Presentation of the proposal concerning a transversal thematic monitoring of the implementation of the Convention by the State Parties   

Presentation by the Secretariat


7. Discussion by the State Parties on the proposal concerning a transversal thematic monitoring


8. Council of Europe Action Plan on Combating Transnational Organised Crime (2016 – 2020) and COP involvement

Presentation by the Secretariat


9. Implementation of the Convention: interpretative issues related to Article 3, paragraph 4; Article 11 and Article 25, paragraph 2.

Presentation by the Secretariat



10. Election of the President and Vice-president of the C198-COP and appointment of the new Gender Equality Rapporteur


11. European Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property: money laundering and terrorist financing aspects of the Convention

-Presentation by Carlo Chiaromonte, Secretary to CODEXTER and Head of the Criminal Law Division

Exchange of views on ML/TF risks posed by virtual currencies

Presentation by Mr Oleksiy Feshchenko, UNODC

iPROCEEDS - presentation by Ms Mariana Chicu, Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (C-PROC) 


Wednesday, 22 November 2017



C198-COP(2017)PROG1_ MD

12.  Follow-up by the Conference of the Parties of progress made by assessed Parties

Examination with a view to adoption of the follow up report and follow up update

  • Party assessed: Poland (update on follow up)
  • Rapporteurs: n/a
  • Party assessed: Republic of Moldova (follow up report)
  • Rapporteurs: Montenegro

13. MLA Model form

Presentation by Ms Joana Ferreira, PC-OC Vice-chair



14.  Review and discussion of reservations and declarations with respect to CETS No.198

Tour de table


15. Cases of practical implementation of the Convention by State Parties

Tour de table


16. Further work programme of the Conference of the Parties

Future assessments of the COP and rapporteurs

COP website


17. Miscellaneous


18. Adoption of decisions


19. Close of the meeting: 5.00 pm