Details of Treaty No.171

Protocol amending the European Convention on Transfrontier Television (*)
Title Protocol amending the European Convention on Transfrontier Television (*)
Reference ETS No.171
Opening of the treaty Strasbourg, 01/10/1998  - (*) Since its entry into force, this Protocol forms an integrant part of ETS 132 and is closed to legal acts.
Entry into Force 01/03/2002  - Acceptance by the Parties to Treaty ETS 132.

The Convention (ETS No. 132) is aimed at strengthening the free exchange of information and ideas, by encouraging the transfrontier circulation of television programme services on the basis of commonly-agreed basic standards (taste and decency, advertising and sponsorship, broadcasting of a majority proportion of European works, etc.).

The Convention was negotiated in parallel with the European Community’s Directive on "Television without Frontiers". Following the substantial revision of the "Television without Frontiers" Directive, it had become necessary, to maintain coherence between the directive and the convention in the interest of legal certainty of both States and transfrontier broadcasters, to re-align the Convention with the directive.

The main areas covered by the amending Protocol are :

  • the definition of advertising and the issue of self-promotion,
  • tele-shopping,
  • programme sponsorship,
  • jurisdiction,
  • abuse of rights granted by the convention,
  • public access to major events,
  • the timeframe for the broadcasting of cinematographic works.
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