Chart of signatures and ratifications of Treaty 133

Protocol to the Convention on Insider Trading (*)
Status as of 19/06/2021
Title Protocol to the Convention on Insider Trading (*)
Reference ETS No.133
Opening of the treaty Strasbourg, 11/09/1989  - (*) Since its entry into force, this Protocol forms an integrant part of ETS 130 and is closed to legal acts.
Entry into Force 01/10/1991  - Ratification by the Parties to Treaty ETS 130.

State who signed State who ratified State who neither signed nor ratified State who suspended State who denounced

Members of Council of Europe

  Signature Ratification Entry into Force Notes R. D. A. T. C. O.
Norway 22/09/1989 11/04/1990  01/10/1991              
Sweden 15/09/1989 03/06/1991  01/10/1991              
United Kingdom 13/09/1989 21/12/1990  01/10/1991              

Total number of signatures not followed by ratifications 0
Total number of ratifications/accessions 3
a: Accession s: Signature without reservation as to ratification su: Succession r: Signature "ad referendum".
R.: Reservations D.: Declarations, Denunciations, Derogations A.: Authorities T.: Territorial Application C.: Communication O.: Objection.
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