Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.010 - Protocol to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe

Declarations in force as of today
Status as of 10/05/2021


Declaration contained in a letter from the Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, dated 8 November 1957, registered at the Secretariat General on 12 November 1957 - Or. Fr.

In declaration by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, dated 27 August 1957, the Federal Republic of Germany withdraws its reservation in respect of Article 6.b of the above-mentioned Agreement. It does not affect the Saar, however, since, under the treaty between France and the Federal Republic of Germany in settlement of the Saar question, the Federal Government is unable to make currency arrangements for the Saar during the transitional period.
Period covered: 12/11/1957 -
Articles concerned : 6


Declaration contained in the instrument of ratification, deposited on 19 June 1953 - Or. Fr.

We approve herewith, for the Kingdom in Europe, the Agreement reproduced above.
Period covered: 11/07/1956 -
Articles concerned : -

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