Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.182 - Second Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters

Article number:6
Events between 05/05/1949 and 30/06/2010

United Kingdom

Declaration contained in a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom deposited jointly with the instrument of ratification, on 30 June 2010 – Or. Engl.

In accordance with Article 24 of the Convention (as inserted by Article 6 of the Second Additional Protocol), the Government of the United Kingdom declares the following to be judicial authorities:

- Magistrates' Courts, Crown Courts and the High Court;
- the Attorney General for England and Wales;
- the Director of Public Prosecutions and any Crown Prosecutor;
- the Director and any designated member of the Serious Fraud Office;
- the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills in respect of his function of investigating and prosecuting offences;
- the Director of the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office and anyone within that Office authorised by him;
- District Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Court of Justiciary;
- the Lord Advocate;
- any Procurator Fiscal;
- the Attorney General for Northern Ireland;
- the Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland;
- The Commissioners of the Inland Revenue;
- the Financial Services Authority.

[Note by the Secretariat: See declaration dated 7 February 2013]
Period covered: 01/10/2010 - 07/02/2013
Articles concerned : 6

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