Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.165 - Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region

Nature of declaration : Reservations
Status as of 22/11/2017


Reservation contained in a letter from the Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey, dated 13 February 2007, registered at the Secretariat General on 15 February 2007 – Or. Engl. – supplemented by a communication from the Permanent Representation of Turkey on 20 February 2007 – Or. Engl.

The Permanent Representation of Turkey declares that, due to an administrative oversight, the following reservation communicated to the Secretariat after the deposit of the instrument of ratification of the Convention is to be considered as being deposited simultaneously with the said instrument:

In accordance with Article XI.7 of the Convention, the Government of the Republic of Turkey does not bind itself with Article IV.8.
Period covered: 01/03/2007 -
Articles concerned : XI.7

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