Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.163 - European Social Charter (revised)

Nature of declaration : Declarations, Denunciations, Derogations
Status as of 29/11/2020

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Declaration contained in the instrument of ratification deposited on 7 October 2008 - Or. Engl.

In accordance with Part III, Article A, of the European Social Charter (revised), Bosnia and Herzegovina declares that it considers itself bound by the following articles:

Article 1 – The right to work
Article 2 – The right to just conditions of work
Article 4 – The right to a fair remuneration (paragraph 3)
Article 5 – The right to organise
Article 6 – The right to bargain collectively
Article 7 – The right of children and young persons to protection
Article 8 – The right of employed women to protection of maternity
Article 9 – The right to vocational guidance
Article 11 – The right to protection of health
Article 12 – The right to social security (paragraphs 1 and 2)
Article 13 – The right to social and medical assistance (paragraphs 1, 2 and 3)
Article 14 – The right to benefit from social welfare services
Article 16 – The right of the family to social, legal and economic protection
Article 17 – The right of children and young persons to social, legal and economic protection
Article 20 – The right to equal opportunities and equal treatment in matters of employment and occupation without discrimination on the grounds of sex
Article 21 – The right to information and consultation
Article 22 – The right to take part in the determination and improvement of the working conditions and working environment
Article 23 – The right of elderly persons to social protection
Article 28 – The right of workers' representatives to protection in the undertaking and facilities to be accorded to them
Period covered: 01/12/2008 -
Articles concerned : A

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