Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.132 - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Nature of declaration : Authorities
Status as of 18/10/2019


Declaration contained in a letter from the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, dated 15 April 1992, registered at the Secretariat General on 27 April 1992 - Or. Fr.


1. Federal Office of Communication
Federal Department of Transport, Communication and Energy
Mr Frédéric RIEHL, Vice-Director
44, rue de l'Avenir
CH - 2503 BIENNE

2. The independent Authority for the Examination of Radio and Television Complaints (Autorité indépendante d'examen des plaintes en matière de radio et télévision) Case postale 8547, 3001 Berne, will, if necessary, work in conjunction with the authority mentioned above. The Independent Authority for the Examination of Complaints is competent in Switzerland to rule on the content of radio and television programmes (application of Article 7 of the Convention).
Period covered: 29/04/1992 -
Articles concerned : 19

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