Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.132 - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Nature of declaration : Communications
Status as of 16/10/2019


Declaration made at the time of the signature on 12 February 1991 and confirmed in the instrument of approval, deposited on 21 October 1994 - Or. Fr.

In the same spirit as at the time of the adoption of the Community's "Television without Frontiers" Directive in October 1989, France has decided to sign the Council of Europe's Convention on Transfrontier Television with a view to promoting freedom of information as well as the exchange and production of audiovisual programmes in Europe.

Now that the Audiovisual EUREKA project is beginning to bear fruit, France intends to make every endeavour to ensure that the Convention contributes in a wider geographical framework to the promotion of European programmes and the emergence of a structured and competitive continental market.

This Convention was not designed, and should not be used, to justify projects whose sole purpose is to circumvent national and Community regulations intended to encourage European programming and production.

In committing itself, therefore, France is sure that all the signatory countries to the Convention share the same concerns, as any interpretation or measure contrary to such principles would constitute a serious undermining of the very foundations of the policy of European audiovisual co-operation.
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