The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe provides a political platform to reflect on the role of local and regional authorities and to take action with regard to the major challenges of modern society, through the work of its members and its com-mittees.

Over the past two decades, the Congress developed and refined its approach and activities in the fields of human rights promotion, gender equality, the strengthening of local and regional democracy, the prevention of corrup-tion and the promotion of public ethics.  Recently, new challenges have surfaced to which the Congress reacted swiftly, elaborating coherent and credible policies for preventing radicalisation, for the management of migra-tion and the improvement of integration policies.

Thematic activities Thematic activities
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This publication provides a compilation of the most rel-evant Congress and Council of Europe tools and texts. All these documents can be accessed from the electronic version of this compilation and can be downloaded via the links below.

Compendium of Congress reference texts on Thematic Activities

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