Easier access to Congress adopted texts

Congress Communication Strasbourg, France 19 May 2020
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Easier access to Congress adopted texts

The adopted texts of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - recommendations and resolutions - as well as the reports are accessible in chronological order (by date and by session), with all relevant information, including the available language versions. They can also be consulted by type of document (recommendations, resolutions, opinions and declarations), by country (election monitoring and observation report), as well as via the Congress search engine.

The CARTA-MONITOR tool is specifically dedicated to monitoring reports. This database makes it possible to consult the analysis of the European Charter of Local Self-Government - article by article - carried out during monitoring missions, but also to do a comparative analysis on several articles and several countries. It is also possible to search, with a few clicks, for ratifications of articles, the conformity of their implementation and the recognition of the principle of local self-government in the constitution or national legislation of states.

Some adopted texts are also available in publication format and in several languages. Recent publications include the "Public Ethics" series, which includes six reports adopted by the Congress as part of its "Roadmap to prevent corruption and promote public ethics at local and regional level". The series covers the following topics: conflict of interest, transparency and open government, transparent public procurement, administrative resources and fair elections, combating nepotism and protecting whistleblowers.