"Key concepts in the CEFR Companion volume: What might these mean for teaching?"

CEFR Online Workshop Series 2022 - Number 1
Online 3 FEBRUARY 2022
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The first workshop of CEFR Online Workshop Series 2022 entitled "Key concepts of the CEFR Companion volume: What might these mean for teaching?" took place on Thursday, 3 February 2022.

The workshop aimed to explore key pedagogical concepts presented in the CEFR Companion volume such as the action-oriented approach, the learner as social agent, mediation, plurilingualism, etc. and the way in which these concepts relate to developments in theory. Over 150 participants had the opportunity to discuss in breakout rooms the extent to which and the manner in which different examples for classroom activities presented during in CEFR Webinar Series 2021 embody one or more of the concepts concerned.

The workshop was moderated by Dr Brian NORTH. 

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