Systematic human rights work

Everybody should be able to enjoy human rights. To reach this aim, systematic work is needed to make internationally agreed human rights standards a reality in everyday life. An inclusive and participatory approach involving public authorities, civil society, business sector and national human rights structures is essential for improving human rights protection. Such work should be continuous and it requires measureable objectives, effective coordination and independent evaluation of results. 

National action plans for human rights (NAPs) are an effective tool for making this happen. A growing number of European countries are using them to address a broad range of human rights in a coherent way. NAPs are useful for assigning responsibilities and identifying gaps in human rights work. The Commissioner for Human Rights gives guidance on NAPs and promotes their preparation and implementation during country visits and through other activities. In March 2014, the Commissioner organised a workshop to exchange experience and lessons learned and to develop a network of practitioners in this area.

NAP Table NAP Table

National action plans for human rights in Europe ( open / close )

Countries Previous NAPs Current NAP New NAP under
preparation / consideration
Armenia   2014-2016  
Azerbaijan 2006 2012-2015  
Croatia 2008-2011 2013-2016  
Finland 2012-2013  
Georgia   2014-2016  
Greece   2014-2016  
Latvia 1995    
Lithuania 2002    
Republic of Moldova 2004-2008 2011-2014 (in Romanian)  
Netherlands   2013-  
Norway 2000-2005    
Slovakia   2014-2020  
Spain 2008-2012 (in Spanish)  
Sweden 2002-2004, 2006-2009  
Turkey   2014-  
Ukraine   2015-2020  
United Kingdom:
Kosovo* 2009-2011  

* All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.

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